Over the past two decades, my work has appeared in diverse publications including AFAR.comBudget Travel, Fodor’s Travel, Kansas! Outdoors, Lawrence Business Magazine, and Lawrence Magazine. Here is a sampling of my recently published works:  


Nothing warms the bones and soothes the soul like soaking in mineral-rich waters heated deep below the earth’s surface.
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With jaw-dropping natural beauty, reasonable entry fees, and convenient locations, these state parks belong on your must-see U.S. parks list.
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Looking for a tight-knit community with great schools, awesome food and gorgeous green spaces? You need to check out Lawrence, Kansas.
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Tucson’s multi-layered food culture thrives not only in its dining scene, but through a number of local, innovative food projects that keep the region’s heritage food culture alive.
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Oread Usonian
Lawrence Magazine
Summer, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright had a vision to revolutionize American homes, but it took one able Jayhawk architect to adapt the idea for the Kansas heat and humidity.
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Wildlife Rescue
Kansas Outdoors

A network of experts and dedicated volunteers steps in if, and only if, outdoor creature require care.
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Livable Wages in Lawrence
Lawrence Business Magazine

Spring, 2018

Offering a livable a wage is hard work, but The Merc Co-op in Lawrence is making it happen.
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